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VOIP / PBX / Remote Access / Applications Server

VOIP / PBX / Remote Access / Applications Server
VOIP / PBX / Remote Access / Applications Server
VOIP / PBX / Remote Access / Applications Server
VOIP / PBX / Remote Access / Applications Server
VOIP / PBX / Remote Access / Applications Server
VOIP / PBX / Remote Access / Applications Server
VOIP / PBX / Remote Access / Applications Server

VOIP / PBX / Remote Access / Applications Server

Replaces or augments (DMZ or port forwarding) existing router / gateway. Works with standard SIP phones from any major vendor. Can replace any standard SIP PBX. Supports remote access / teleworkers.

OpenWrt based, high performance, state of the art router / gateway / WiFi access point / VPN client / server using a modern 64bit Linux kernel. It is also an application platform capable of hosting many services for the internet (public) and local LAN (private). Provides all standard OpenWrt packages (for free) with zero cost download and package updates. Anything that OpenWrt provides is available.

Support site (rossco dot org) and OpenWrt have a vast array of HowTo's for application packages such as file, media servers, etc. Opensource, peer-reviewed and tested to ensure that no security holes or spyware exist, which many commercial systems have.

Another advantage of opensource systems is very well documented How To's. Comes with 30 day support to be up and running quickly. Supports full backup / restore of all settings / databases. Thirty day individual support (from registration) to get you up and running quickly. User forum for ongoing support. VoIP market is highly diverse and competitive. VoIP features such as caller ID, call waiting, voicemail are usually free. Long distance and International call rates are far less expensive with VoIP. Can use your cellphone, tablet (Android, iOS) or PC for VoIP calls using inexpensive (many free) applications. Inexpensive Analog Terminal Adapters (ATA's) allow using your existing wiring, analog phones, FAX machines and alarm systems. Can eliminate FAX machines with PC FAX applications or plugins (Faxback). Eliminate your cellphone bill(s). When not connected, cannot make calls and incoming calls go to voicemail. Given the pervasiveness of WiFi at home, office, internet café's, restaurants, public transit and places, you will not be out of communication for very long, if at all.

If you have a cellular data only (tablet) plan, this slight mobility hit can be eliminated. Home, office and mobile phones can be added to a ring group. All phones in group will ring simultaneously. Other end of calls cannot tell whether you are at home or "out and about". Prevent the insecurity state / hackers from monitoring / recording your communications.

Audio / video (media) is totally secure using ZRTP or SRTP encryption (phones must support, many do). Five invalid (bad credentials) connect attempts (login attempts or extension credentials) within 10 minutes results in blocking the IP address of offending devices. The IP address remains blocked until the firewall is restarted. Can use SIPS (SSL, TLS) encryption for SIP signaling, requiring valid SSL certificates.

External (on internet) extensions / phones must support this. Extensions / phones on the LAN (Local Area Network), direct or via VPN do not require this since they are firewall protected. Supports LetsEncrypt free, automatically updating SSL certificates.

This is an application / services hosting platform. SIP / VoIP comminications server is just one of the possible services. Many other (mostly free) applications / services can be installed and run concurrently.

Supports all standard OpenWrt packages plus many additional packages not provided by OpenWrt such as Xorg / VmWare Workstation (for hosting services such as Sme-server or other virtual machines), docker-containers (for hosting docker applications such as Home-Assistant and NextCloud) and ZoneMinder (security camera monitoring, recording). Visit the support site (rossco dot org) for details. Provides web / configuration GUI. / Nginx is web server.

Basic Topology Hiding Session Border Controller. 38 gateway, termination, and origination mode.

722.1C (wideband 32 kHz). 726 (16k, 24k, 32k, 48k) AAL2 and RFC 3551. 729AB (Requires a license unless using passthrough).

(narrow and wideband) with RFC 5574. DVI4 (ADPCM) 8 kHz and 16 kHz. Call recording (In Stereo caller/callee left/right). High Performance Multi-Threaded Core engine.

XML Config files for easy parsing. Media / No Media modes. Proper ENUM/ISN dialing built in.

Subscription server: Shared Line Appearances, Bridged Line Appearances. (XML Events, Name Value Events, Multicast Events). Loadable File formats and streaming. Stream to and play from. ASR/TTS support (native and via MRCP).

Custom Ring Back Tones (Early Media). SQL Engine provides session persistence. Fax endpoint, gateway and passthrough mode. 38 faxing (gateway, endpoint and passthrough).

Keys are templates so you can rearrange to fit your needs. Callback support from inside voicemail. Software based Conferencing without any hardware requirements. Multiple on-demand or scheduled conferences with entry/exit announcements. Play files into the conference or a single member.

Volume, Gain and Energy level per call. RFC 4579 SIP CC Conferencing for UAs. SIP v2.0 (RFC 3261) Protocols.

UDP, TCP, SCTP and TLS transports for full SIP compliance. RFC 3263 (SRV and NAPTR), RFC 3325, RFC 4694. SRTP via SDES Works with Polycom.

Multiple SIP registrations per user account. Multitenancy - Multiple SIP UAs.

Can act as an SBC (Session Border Controller). SIP/SIMPLE (can gateway to other chat protocols). SIP Multicast Paging support for Linksys and. Call features like Call Hold (Re-INVITE), Blind Transfer (REFER), Call Forward (302). Interop with Google Talk and Telepathy.

Windows / Linux Mini PC with Intel Dual Core, 4 Thread Intel 1037U, dual. 300Mbps, 4G RAM 32GB mSATA SSD. Enough processing power / memory / storage expansion to simultaneously run other services / applications such as virtual machines. Power (12 - 16 Watts), 24 / 7 operation. Intel 1037U Dual Core 4 Thread.

Chief River (Intel Ivy Bridge HM76, QM77). 1.8 GHz (100MHz x 18.0). 32KB, 8 Way, 64 Byte lanes.

256KB, 8 Way, 64 Byte lanes. 2MB, 8 Way, 64 Byte lanes. MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, EM64T, EIST. Intel Ivy Bridge Controller (776MB). Up to 1920x1080 HD, 32 Bit Color, 60Hz.

Intel Panther Point High Definition. Maximum 8GB, DDR3 (4GB installed).

80/160/320/50/750/1000 GB, 2.5 Inch SSD / HDD (none installed). Qualcomm Atheros AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) 802.11b/g/n 300MB, Dual Antenna. USB2.0 (3), USB3.0 (2). Standard 3.5 input / output.

Inner 2.5mm, Outer 5.5mm diameter. 100-240V AC 50/60HZ, North American Power Cord. 1.5Kg (Packaged), 1Kg (Net). Aluminum, Silver, 2.9mm Thickness. Base Unit, Power Adapter, Power Cord (US).

(the OS) is based on. Which is a Linux distribution optimized for performance, efficiency, security and networking. 5.4.50 SMP (multi-core, thread support), 64Bit.

WAN - is primary router / gateway, LAN - behind existing router. Yes, RAID 0, 1, 10. At rossco dot org support site.

Computer Skills: Basic Linux command line, edit files, install PC applications. Support site has detailed installation / configuration instructions.

Internet connection, at least 10Mbps. Domain Name: Free subdomain of DDNS provider or registered (paid) domain. Dynamic DNS provider for domain IP updates. SSL Certificates: Uses LetsEncrypt for free, automatically renewing certificates. May be free PC clients, mobile clients (android iOS), ATA adapters, SIP phones.

10/100/1000M Ethernet switch with as many ports as required for LAN (WAN topology only, replaces existing router - see WAN topology picture). DMZ or Forward ports on existing router (LAN topology only, using existing router - see LAN topology picture).
VOIP / PBX / Remote Access / Applications Server